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Features of our service are outlined below including a detailed list, FAQ’s and links to our in-house documents
San Diego County has the highest percentage of non-owner occupied single family and condominium owners in the entire country. Owners of a residence often choose to keep their home or condominium and become Landlord’s. Whether you invested or became a Landlord you and you have had issues and difficulties or you are coming from another local manager we are here to provide the professional, comprehensive approach that you can trust and eliminate your worries and free your time.
  • You have one point of contact for your questions including tenant, reporting, maintenance or other issues
  • Easy to read and understand reports with Market Rent updated monthly so you can stay in touch with the market!
  • Sophisticated, detailed tenant approvals always by our Regional Vice-President!
  • Reports are e-mailed to you on the 15th when you receive your direct deposit then a final report at the end of the month as well.
  • Annual inspections to review the tenancy, make suggestions and update you on the condition of your property.
  • Lowest rates of all the top companies!
  • Google rating of 4.5 stars and Yelp 3.0 as of 9-1-16.
  • Three day turnovers when you do experience a vacancy!
  • HOA interface experts.
  • At any given time an issue could be being resolved by our whole team including your VP, your property manager, maintenance team foreman, maintenance scheduler and maintenance technician.
  • 90% of all tenant maintenance requests fulfilled with in two working days!

Full Service Includes

  • Full size 4x4 posted for rent signs.
  • Open Houses daily, Saturday fully staffed.
  • Positive Tenant relations – Online floor plans, Online access for all needs, 90% of service request fulfilled within two working days, showings six days a week and after work hours,
  • Annual Interior inspections of all units.
  • Asset management consulting.
  • Approved Vendor list honed by 29 years of experience.
  • Regular Leasing meetings focusing on red flag tenants.

Document Links

  • Maintenance completed or pending notification
  • Single Family Home & Condominium Reports
  • Tenant Qualifying
  • Unit Turnover Sheet
  • FAQ's

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