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These are just a few of the ways we try to out perform the competition.

  • Every three months we perform a rental review to ensure that our rental rates are at market rent or the appropriate rent for the owner's strategy.
  • Every six months we perform an expense review to make sure we are getting the best price for all the services we contract for on our various properties. For example our owners pay $60 per month for a 3-yard trash service.
  • Expenses, which renew annually such as insurance are reviewed at time of renewal. Since 1997 the insurance market in California has changed. Many new A and A+ companies, as rated by A.M. Best, are now in the California market providing excellent coverage at very good rates.
  • Each month we complete a written site inspection of the exterior of each property. We note and take action in the areas of exterior maintenance, tenant concerns and grounds.
  • Our six-person office staff works as a team. All computer notes and files are available for any person to access which means problems are handled when a tenant calls rather than waiting for that property's "manager" to become available.
  • Our eight-person maintenance staff is well acquainted with San Diego-type buildings. Currently we are repairing habitability deficiencies within 24 to 48 hours of becoming aware of the problem. Our maintenance personnel carry digital radios in order to maintain communication with the office. There is no extra charge for after-hours service calls.
  • Our grounds crew maintains a regular service schedule and in addition we reserve every Friday to complete a thorough trim, add plants or complete what is necessary to keep the properties looking sharp.
  • Every October we perform a safety inspection of every wall furnace with San Diego Gas & Electric. At the same time we perform an inspection of the smoke detectors and check for any water leaks.
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