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Cal-Prop expert advice can help you realize your income property goals.

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  • I do not have enough time to enjoy my life.
  • My income property, even though it is full of tenants most of the time, is eating
    away at my leisure time and causing more problems than I expected.
  • When I purchased income property, I expected positive cash flow and time for fun. What I have is an extra job that actually seems to cost me both time and money.

Does that sound like you? What about this?

  • Even my good tenants cause difficulties that I wish I did not have to solve over
    and over.
  • I find it hard to raise rents on my established tenants. Besides, an accurate analysis of what market prices on my units takes time.
  • When a tenant moves out, there is the loss of income until I find the right replacement.
  • When a tenant moves out, I have to deal with issues over security deposits, repairs, advertising, showing the place to prospective new people, etc.
  • When I hire people to do maintenance, landscaping, carpet work or painting, it causes even more headaches because they are unreliable or need too much direction.
  • If I had a smooth-running system, I would have more time to do the things I want to do.

Cal-Prop Management can solve these problems, making your dreams of leisure and extra income a reality. Cal-Prop Management provides for every aspect of income property ownership. By keeping a vigilant watch on market rents and keeping expenses low, Cal-Prop Management pays for its services.

To find out how you can recoup your time, effort and income, please call Rick Thornton at 858-483-3534 x13.


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