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Cal-Prop has a great deal of experience helping property owners increase their assets over the years.

Here is an overview of how we accomplish making our clients happy.

Which California city enacted the first rent control law?
a. Berkeley
b. Oakland
c. Santa Monica
d. San Francisco
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Civil Code Section 1941 was passed in 1873 requiring a Landlord keep their rental property in good condition.
True or False?
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What year did California Law require rental property owners to provide tenants with information about the California sex offender database?
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Owners can use an income standard that fails to account for the aggregate income of persons residing together or proposing to reside together.
True or False?
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1996 was the year owners were explicitly granted the right to collect a screening fee.
True or False?
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All waters heaters should be braced, anchored and strapped since what year?
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Rental owners were specifically given the right to terminated a tenant upon 30 days written notice in 1872. For how many years was this the law until it changed?
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What year was gold discovered in California?
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Owners are responsible to install and maintain one working phone jack per unit.
True or False?
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If a person died on your property two years ago of HIV and you were selling you would have to inform the Buyer.
True or False?
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