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Cal-Prop creates a comprehensive solution for your management needs by assessing your needs and then implementing our team approach.

San Diego has one of the highest ratios of rental housing to owner-occupied property in the country. Many owners of single-family homes and condominiums choose to retain their property when they move to a new home while others choose to invest in apartment buildings. Because of the challenges presented by tenants, the level of service tenant’s demand, today’s legal climate, increasing regulation, and the time demands and inefficiencies of managing small rental properties, many owners benefit from the services of professional property management.

The benefits include elimination of phone calls from tenants, maintaining market rents, having maintenance issues handled quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner, having a professional interface to eliminate over personalization of the landlord tenant relationship all of which leads to the time you deserve to spend as you choose.

Cal-Prop creates a comprehensive solution for your management needs by assessing your needs, establishing your client type, having a primary and secondary point of contact and then implementing our team approach.

Cal-Prop creates property management solutions (eliminate the link) that meet the needs of many different types of owners—from single-unit owners to owners with portfolios of up to two hundred units by assessing your. During our first phone conversations and meetings we will carefully assess your needs to determine two critical factors: What type of client are you through our designation of Level Type and who will be your primary and secondary point of contact at Cal-Prop.

Cal-Prop has a primary point of contact for each owner. Each owner utilized that individual for all of the information you need to know about your property. This system is unique to Cal-Prop. In addition Cal-Prop assigns each client a secondary point of contact. This means 90% of the time you call you will be able to speak to a representative and have your question answered immediately. To determine who you primary and secondary point of contacts will be it is necessary to listen to your needs and determine what Level of Contact you desire. Cal-Prop has found that the needs of our owners and investors fall into four categories: levels 1, 3, 5, and 5+.

Level 1: Level 1 clients desire a level of service that is very hands off. They prefer that Cal-Prop apply their standard policies and procedures and have limited need for daily direction and guidance. The Level 1 client still makes strategic repair/replace decisions. Level 1 clients enjoy that Cal-Prop monitors major components, such as the roof, stucco, drain system, and plumbing, and discuss the life expectancy of these components on a regular basis. The primary point of contact for Level 1 clients Dennis Dillon, Director or Operations, and the secondary point of contact is Rick Thornton, President.

Level 3: Level 3 clients are a hybrid of levels 1 and 5.

Level 5: Level 5 clients typically own one house or condominium but can also be larger owners. They want to be notified of upcoming vacancies to discuss the costs of the unit turnover. They like to approve large or even moderate expenditures. Communication is the key for a level 5 clients. The primary point of contact for level 5 clients is Diane Schmoldt, Lead Property Manager, and the secondary point of contact is Dennis Dillon, Director of Operations.

Level 5+: Level 5+ clients have specific requirements such as a particular plumber, type of carpet, depository need, or any number of special requests for their property. We work with this type of owner to ensure their needs are met.

Cal-Prop uses a team approach as opposed to the portfolio approach used by our competitors. . Cal-Prop apportions tasks amongst team members systemically, assigning each member tasks for which they are specifically trained and handle efficiently and competently. For example, one specialist handles insurance issues, but when there is an upcoming vacancy the entire property management team fields calls, shows the unit and qualifies the prospects. Our computer system is automated so that the upcoming unit turnover information is sent to maintenance and the maintenance team is dispatched the day the unit is available to assess the unit, make appropriate deductions from the tenants deposit and begin preparing the unit for a new tenant. At any time a property has an issue or needs support all thirty plus team members can be working on your property.

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